20,991 people have indicated that they have accepted Christ

as their Savior.

Provided the funds for the prisoners to build a chapel at New

Amsterdam Prison

Ministered in 392 places including villages, churches,

orphanages, teen homes, prisons and others.

Ministered in every prison in Guyana and at the Guard

Training Center. We have a Christian library at every prison.

Camp Street Prison burned to the ground and we supplied the

displaced prisoners--

**20 bales of toilet paper

**2000 pair of shoes

**2000 toothbrushes

**1500 tubes of toothpaste

**1500 bars of soap

Minister bi-monthly to Juvenile Detention Center

Established and filled 365 Christian libraries

Washed the feet of 41,617 children and prisoners and then

gave them new shoes. The gospel was shared before each

shoe distribution. 

3-Day Conference for women and teen girls.

VBS in Children’s Home

Minister in Girl’s Home 2 Saturdays per month

Provided 850 Bible studies for those who want to grow in their


Hospital and health clinic ministry, sharing Christ and prayer

and books

Provided over 4,000 school bags.

Built a house for a widow who was caring for 14 children and

had previously lived in a small shack with a dirt floor.

Put a roof on a church in a river village.

Built a church.

Wired homes in 2 villages so they could take advantage of the

electricity that became available in their area.

Partnered with a Girls’ Home where we ministered to physical

needs as well as spiritual and psychological needs. We took a

Christian counselor to spend time there on more than one

occasion. We put in a water pump, re-wired the house,

built sets of bunk beds, put in a gas stove, built 2 gates to

add security, and provided plumbing work.

Christmas concert and evangelistic message and gifts given

in every prison and juvenile detention center in the country.

The list could go on. All of this was done to God’s glory and

only by His provision.