December Report--Amazing!!

Hay ministry friends greetings in the name of our Lord and savior Jesus Chris 

We completed all our ministry in the prisons and the girls home and NOC thank you all for praying for us it was great going and share the birth of Jesus Chris christmas carols and about his birth.  85 person give there life to Jesus Chris at the prisons girls home and NOC 

There are a Hindu lady  at the new amsterdam female prison have 94 years for murder her daughter said all the time we was coming to the prison and do service she was listening from her cell and she was touch by me and Tracy testimony and also the sermons from the different pastors that go with us she also said she want to serve that Jesus we are talking about and she wants to serve him the rest of her life 

We also give the prisoners time to share what God has don for them true our ministry and over 125 prisoners  stand up and said that they they trust Jesus Chris as there savior and was baptized by our ministry and they are serving God faithfully they also thank us for the bibles and Kristi bible study and the boxing gloves we give to the new amsterdam prison 

I want to thank you for your prayers and support towards our ministry 2018 was a great year and we look forward for a greater 2019 this can be possible true your prayers and support so I'm asking you to continue to  prayers and support our ministry as we continue to reach guyana for Jesus Chris 

Thank you once again and have a blessed christmas 


December Prayer Request

Hay ministry friends greetings and merry Christmas to you from the celebration of love team in guyana 

Starting from tomorrow we are starting christmas concert in all the prison and the girls home and NOC 

We are leaving in the morning for the girls home and travel to the NOC from there then on the 11th and 12th we go to the new amsterdam male and female prison on the 13th we go to the lusignan 2 prison on the 15th we go to the timehri and camp street Prison on the 18th we go to the Mazaruni 2 prison on the 19th we are partner the new amsterdam prison where we will have a Christmas tree lighting at the new amsterdam prison where we will have prisoners wife and children come so that the prisoners can spend some time with there families then on the 22nd we have a market concert then in between those days we have some small program 

Please pray for all these ministry and for a harvest of sols

Thanks Jai  

November Trip Report

Good Morning Ministry Friends,

Below is a story that Jai sent from the three-village trip they just took. They spent two nights at each village and there was a total of 152 salvations. Praise God!!!

 There is a Hindu family of 6 that moved from one of the towns and are now living in the second village that we went to they was living next door where we was doing our celebration crusade we invite them for the celebration and they said they will listen from there home we do 2 nights of celebration crusade and we move early to the next village that same morning those people went to the pastor for the village and said that on the second night when I was leading some people the sinners pray there hold family give there life to Jesus Christ

 We are so thankful that God continues to draw people to Himself even if they don’t come to the services. It will be thrilling to get reports of how this family becomes an active part of the Body of Christ. Please pray for these new 152 brothers and sisters who will now start their journey of faith.



Great Report from the Prison

Hay ministry friends greetings in the name of our Lord and savior Jesus Chris 
Here is some great news from the newanserdam prison this morning we had service at both male and female prison 11 male and 3 female give there life to Jesus Chris 
We also had a baptizem this morning 7 male and 4 female was baptized 
Thank you all for your prayers and support towards our ministry here in guyana 
God Bless you 

October Trip Report

Hay ministry friends greetings in the name of our Lord and savior Jesus 

As you know we went to another mission trip to the jungle and we just got back last night it was a great trip we had 5 nights of celebration crusade in 2 villages and 224 person give there life to Jesus Chris it was very large villages and the turnout was great we could not get to the third village Beacause the river water was very low.

Earlyer this year I led a father and son to Jesus Chris at the new amserdam prison  and they ask me to go and share the gospel with there families it happen that  that family is from that same river so we went to that home and when we get there they was 7 person there and they all give there life to Jesus Chris I can't wait to tell that father and son the good news.

Thank you all for praying for us and for your support with our you these trips could not bee posable 

God Bless you 


Report from September Border Trip

Hay ministry friends greetings in the name of our Lord and savior Jesus Chris 

We get back last night from our trip to the guyana venezuela border where we take food and cloth and other things for the Guyanese venezuelan that are in the border we distribute stuff that we take and do 2 nights of celebration crusade my self and Dave preach and we had some one to interpit and 128 person give there life to Jesus Chris We also had the soldiers that are guarding the border come and help us with the distribution 

 Then we went to almond beach where they have 15 families with about 55 population living there the youths was not in the village they gon out to high school so we do 2 nights of celebration crusade and 36 person come and they all give there life to Jesus Chris 

 Then we move to winey river where we already went last year and we do 2 days of youth rally and in the night we do decipleship service and 14 person give there life to Jesus Chris and 5 were Baptized 

 Thanks to all of you who pray and give to make this possible 

 God bless  



September trip prayer request

Hay ministry friends greeting in the name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ we are leaving this morning to go to the girls home and tomorrow we go to the NOC Monday morning we are leaving to the border where we are taking foodstuffs clothes and many other things for the Venezuelan we will also do 2 nights of celebration crusade there at a village call white water where we expect a big turnout then we move on to a place call shell beach have 22 families and we will do 2 nights of celebration crusade there to winie river mouth to a village where we went already and do 2 days of youths rally and celebration crusade in the night 

Please pray for us as we travel for safety and for a harvest of souls 



Report from the Venezuela/Guyana Border

Hay ministry friends greetings in the name of our Lord and savior Jesus Chris 

We get back on Friday from our trip to the guyana venezuelan border where Guyanese that left guyana years ago and go to venezuelan now there are coming back to guyana and have no were to go and food to eat 

We went and distribute foodstuffs cloth footwear toothbrush toothpaste and many other things we also share the gospel with them and 52 person give there life to Jesus Chris 

We are going back there next month there is a lots more people are coming over 

Thanks to all of you who pray for us and give towards this 


July Trip Report

2018 July Trip Report

Praise God for the wonderful harvest that was brought in the two weeks we were in Guyana. Thank all of you who prayed for us. We are always amazed by the opportunities that are put before us. Our Guyanese team does a wonderful job of making plans and organizing the two weeks of ministry.

Both weeks, our travel to Guyana was uneventful and very smooth. Neither of our returns were smooth. The first week, they were a few hours late arriving back in Charlotte and the second week team had quite an adventure coming home. Last Sunday at 8:00pm was when we were supposed to arrive back in Charlotte. That was when the very heavy thunderstorm hit right at the airport so we were diverted to Columbia, SC. We waited a good while for the storm to pass and as we sat, other planes that had been diverted were sitting beside us. The pilot finally told us that one of those planes was an international flight whose crew had timed out. Therefore, since they had to go back to Charlotte to be able to go through customs, they moved our crew over to their plane and that left us without a flight crew. After another long wait, they gave the people on our plane the option of getting off so Steve rented two cars and the ten of us left the plane on the stairs that they brought onto the runway and we took a bus to the terminal. We drove from Columbia to Charlotte and finally got home about midnight. We were told that if we had stayed on the plane, it would have been after 3:00 am before we were home so we were glad for our choice even though we had to make the trip back to Columbia the next afternoon to turn the cars back in.

We always say that being flexible is the first rule of going on a mission trip. I was so proud of our team for having a great attitude throughout the inconvenient process.

Now for the fantastic news…….. The results for the two weeks were amazing. We had 397 salvations. In the prisons we had 209 inmates pray with us one on one as we washed their feet. We heard many stories of how some of these men are even glad they were in the prison so they could hear the good news of the gospel. One man asked Allen if he could wash his feet and that was a very tender sight. In one prison, as soon as we got there, some men rushed up to us and asked if we were going to be baptizing because they had accepted Christ in prison on other occasions and wanted to take the next step of baptism. We baptized 124 prisoners in five prisons. Instead of baptizing in the kiddy swimming pool like before, we are using a 55-gallon drum so the men can be fully immersed. To see their faces when they come out of that water is a sight our team will never forget. Jon Freeman baptized one of the men he established a relationship with as he led him to Christ and helped him understand how he could be free even though he is behind bars.  Another inmate who had talked with Allen requested that he be the one to baptize him. 

The other very special thing that happened in the prisons was that we were able to identify a number of prisoners who are Christian leaders in the prisons. We are going to find a way to help these leaders learn and grow so they can help the men learn and grow. I washed the feet of a man who had been in the fire last summer when the Camp Street Prison burned down. He and 2 other men were trapped in a cell. They kicked the wall in and were able to get out and escape. He was moved to another prison where one of these Christian leaders is housed. The man said that he realized that Jesus saved him and was led to faith in Christ by this inmate/leader.

Moving on to the children’s ministry, we went to five different churches, mostly small and very, very crowded. We had a great time with music, Bible stories and with the time that we washed their feet and talked to them. Many parents had come with their children and that led to wonderful life-changing decisions by many adults. There were 186 people who accepted Christ in these events and about a fourth of them were adults. What a thrill to have children and parents accept Christ on the same day so they can all grow together.

One employee at our hotel accepted Christ and an employee at the pizza restaurant also prayed and accepted Jesus. I am thankful for team members who are ready at every turn to share the good news.

Each team member experienced special moments that will be memories forever and interacted with people who are impressed on our hearts. We all pray that God will continue to make Himself known in Guyana. May this country of less than 800,000 continue to be flooded with the Gospel of Christ and may the Great Commission be reached, that every Guyanese hear the truth of how he or she can have a personal, life changing relationship with Jesus Christ.

Thank you so much for praying for our trip and please continue to pray for our Guyanese team as they monthly take the good news to the remote villages all over this country.


2018 July Trip Prayer Itinerary

 2018 Guyana Trip Itinerary

Our team verse for this year is, “Therefore, my dear brothers, stand firm. Let nothing move you. Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your labor in the Lord is not in vain.” 

1 Corinthians 15:58.  We are excited to enjoy laboring together with our American team and our Guyanese team.

Please pray for Kristi Buttles. She and Bruce were supposed to go with us and week before last, she got a concussion and whiplash. Her symptoms have not subsided and she had an appointment this afternoon with a concussion specialist. The doctor did not clear her to go on the trip and said Bruce also needs to stay home to run the household so Kristi can rest and heal. This is a huge disappointment for them and our team. Please pray for healing for Kristi and for peace in this hard time.

SUNDAY- July 15—Team #1 arrives in Georgetown just before 10:00 PM. Please pray for ease of travel and for the families we are leaving at home. 

MONDAY- July 16—After getting in very late last night, this morning, we will have team time and get to know our Guyanese team members. We will make salvation bracelets to prepare for the week where we use them everyday with the children and prisoners. 

The colors on the bracelet stand for the steps to salvation:

---Black bead—Sin that separates us from God and we can’t get rid of it on our own

---Red bead—Jesus’ blood that he shed to cover our sin if we accept His free gift of salvation

---White bead—A clean heart. This is what God sees when he looks at us after we are forgiven.

---Yellow bead—Symbolizes the streets of gold where we will spend eternity since we have been forgiven.

---Green bead—Stands for growth-We need to grow as a Christian by prayer, Bible study, involvement in a church and time with Christian friends, etc.

After lunch, we will go to Hill Foot Full Gospel Church. There will be about 200 children that we will serve. They will be greeted with friendly smiles, hugs and a salvation bracelet tied onto their arms so they can reference it throughout the day. We will have fun songs and worship songs. We will teach the Bible story from Matthew where Jesus is asleep during the storm. Children of all ages will be reminded that when we go through scary things, Jesus is always there to calm our storms. He didn’t keep them from being in the storm but is there with them. We will see how we can cast our burdens upon Him. We will go over the plan of salvation and the new life they can have in Christ. 

As we wash the children’s and teen’s feet, we can point to the bracelets that they were given and go back over the plan of salvation. We do not try to force anyone to accept Christ because we know that is the work of the Holy Spirit. We just want to make sure they understand and have the opportunity if God is drawing them. We pray with the children and love on them. They will be given new shoes. Please pray for the children to go home feeling loved and that many will accept Jesus as their Savior. Many times parents come to bring their children and end up understanding the Gospel for the first time. We have had parents saved on numerous occasions.

In the evening, we will have dinner, have team time where we share testimonies and things that happened during the day and play games.

TUESDAY- July 17—In the morning, we will make bracelets and put a Roman Road bookmark in the hundreds of Bibles that we will be giving away. After an early lunch, we will go to Timehri Prison at noon. We will have worship songs, testimonies, solos (some from the prisoners) and then either Jai or Dave (they will share the preaching duties and I don’t know who will preach each day) will preach an evangelistic message, clearly explaining that even though these men are behind bars, they can be free. If they accept Christ, they can be free from the guilt of sin and be seen as cleansed by their Heavenly Father as they start a new life in Christ. Next, the men are brought in groups to have their feet measured and to be given a pair of shoes. Our team will sit with a basin at our feet and a chair across from us. The prisoners will be directed to a chair and we will wash their feet and talk to them about what they heard. If they accepted Christ in the service, we will affirm their decision and if they have questions, we will talk to them and pray with them. Those who accept Jesus as Savior will be listed so they can have follow up. All will be given a toothbrush and toothpaste and a Bible if they don’t have one. Those who are serious about growing and are willing to commit to doing a Bible study will be signed up for a class and learn from Kristi Buttles’ Bible study. This is going to be a huge help to the men who need a solid foundation for their new faith. Please pray that their growth will be huge because of Kristi’s faithfulness in writing this Bible study.

Those who would like to be baptized will have a chance at the end of the foot washing. We will make it clear to them that baptism doesn’t save them but that it is a public display of their faith and a symbol of their death to their old life and the beginning of a new life. Please pray for open hears and that the Holy Spirit will make the message of salvation very clear to them. In the evening, we will have team time and play games.

WEDNESDAY—July 18—In the morning, we will make bracelets and early afternoon will have another children’s ministry day at Kitty Community Church. Please see Monday the 16thfor the specific prayer requests for this children’s ministry. We will serve about 150 children. Please pray for the Holy Spirit to touch hearts.

THURSDAY-July 19—Today, we will leave very early to take the boat trip to the Mazaruni Prisons. We will be on the Essequibo River. There are 365 islands in this river and the river is so big that one of the islands in it contains two prisons. We will do ministry at both of them today, one in the morning and one in the afternoon. Please read the prayer request for July 17 to remember the things to pray about when we do prison ministry. May God move in a powerful way as the truth goes out clearly to these men who need to accept him and to those who are already believers, that they will be encouraged. 

FRIDAY- July 20—Today we will go to Kurt Kultura Squatting Area with about 100 children. This is where poor people don’t own land but just squat and build a little shack. There is no electricity or running water. We will have a children’s shoe distribution service like the one describes on the 16th. Please pray that we will make each child feel very special and clearly explain to them and the adults around how they can have a personal relationship with Jesus. 

SATURDAY-July 21--Today we will spend the morning touring Georgetown. We will visit the largest wooden church in the world and see the sea wall that was build by the Dutch.  Georgetown is below sea level so it has to have a sea wall. We will shop for souvenirs and then have our last lunch together at our favorite Chinese restaurant. There we will have a special team time where everyone will tell his/her favorite story from the week of what took place. This is always a very special time. We will have fun in the afternoon at the hotel, playing games and will go to bed very early as the Sunday flight is at 5:35 AM so wake up time is about 2:30 AM. 

SUNDAY—July 22—Goodbye to team #1 and tonight team #2 will be flying in. During the day, we will have a worship service with our Guyanese team and 3 of us who are staying for 2 weeks. We will also make more bracelets to use this week.

At around 10:00 PM, 7 more team members will arrive. 

MONDAY—July 23—Since the team got in so late last night, we will have a late breakfast and team time for the second week team to get to know our Guyanese team and make bracelets. After lunch, we will do a children’s ministry at Yawrakabra Community Church. We will have about 200 children and will do the same type ministry that was explained on Monday, the 16th. 

TUESDAY, WEDNESDAY, THURSDAY—July 24 & 25 & 26—On Tuesday morning, we will make salvation bracelets, and after an early lunch, we will do prison ministry at Lusignan Prison. This is the crudest prison in Guyana. We will do the same ministry we did on the 17th.  We will have a wonderful time of worship and intimate time of washing feet and one on one conversation. Please pray for the power of the Holy Spirit to be moving through the prison. 

On Wednesday and Thursday mornings we have a different situation. Last year, the large prison in downtown Georgetown burned down and hundreds of prisoners were moved to the other men’s prisons. Most of the overflow were brought to Lusignan and they stay in the pasture on the prison grounds. We will take two days to do services with these men. We have rented a big tent and chairs so they can have a service because there is no place inside to have our services. Please pray that all this will work out and that God will be glorified as we show love to these men. Many of them are not convicted but are just awaiting a trial. Sometimes those arrested wait years just for a trial. There is a lot of need for comfort and peace in this situation. 

FRIDAY—July 27—Today, we will do a children’s event at Word of Truth Church. (See prayer details on July 16 for children’s ministry) There will be about 150 children. Please pray that these precious children will understand how much God loves them and that they can have their sins forgiven by accepting Jesus. We don’t just want to see a group of children but want to see each child as an individual who is immensely important to God and know that he has a plan for each one of them. 

SATURDAY—July 28—We will spend the morning touring Georgetown. We will visit the largest wooden church in the world and see the sea wall that was build by the Dutch.  Georgetown is below sea level so it has a sea wall. We will shop for souvenirs and then have our last lunch together at our favorite Chinese restaurant. There we will have a special team time where everyone will tell his/her favorite story from the week of what took place. This is always a very special time.

We will have fun in the afternoon at the hotel, playing games. We will go to bed very early as the Sunday flight is at 5:35 AM so wake up time is about 2:30 AM.

SUNDAY—July 29—Please pray for safe travels today and good travel logistics, no delayed flights. We will look forward to sharing about our trip when we get home. 

Thank each of you for praying for us. Your role as prayer warriors is just as important in the Kingdom as the work of those of us who go. That is how the Body of Christ works. Hallelujah!!!!!

Second June Trip Report

Hay ministry friends greetings in the name of our Lord and savior Jesus Chris 

We just got back from our trip it was a great trip it was a very difficult and scary experience for us driveing in the night with heavy rain a Muddy trail with heavy fog and at times even we get lost even with extra light on our truck we could not see where we are going on Monday morning we started travel at 3am and in about 20 minutes the rain was falling and I get close to the edge of the trail and slide in a tranche but thank God we had a winch an the truck in 10 minutes we get out the truck then we got stuck 2 more time on the trail but I thank God for all of you who pray for us we get back safely home 

Inspite of all the rain we had 4 nights of celebration crusade in 2 villages  and 135 people give there life to Jesus Chris 

Thank you for your prayers and support 

Bless jai 

Prayer Request for Second June Trip

Hay ministry friends greetings in the name of our Lord and savior Jesus Chris 

We are leaving this evening for another trip to the jungle we will be going to 2 villages and do 5 nights of celebration crusade please pray for us as we travel on trails road and rivers we are still in the rainy season and the trail is very bad the reason why we are not doing a third village there is only 2 village left in that part of the country 

So pray that God will draw may souls to his kingdom 



Early June Trip Report

Hay ministry friends greetings in the name of our Lord and savior Jesus Chris

Beacause of dave and Wayne being sick me and my wife went and do some followup to some places that we went already and take children books to some library's that didn't have any children books.

On Monday we went to the hararuni girls home to drop off some cloth and other things for the girls on our way back we stop at a tire shop for some air for our truck and the owner for that tire shop was the drunk guy that hit our vehicle earlier this month it was a Saturday night he hit our vehicle and the Sundaymorning early he come to the hotel to ask us to forgive him and he will pay for our vehicle we invite him to come to church with us he ask me to go with him to his house to get the money when I get to his house his wife ask me to pray for her husband and his business that are dieing i pray for them and the husband say he will go to church with his family on Monday when I met him at his tire shop he told me that the Sunday he went to church and give his life to Jesus Chris and are serving the true and living God since then he also ask for us to pray for him in spent some time with him praying and conceling him.

There is a father and son at the newanserdam prison i led to christ and they asked me to go and visit there family in Berbice river on Tuesday we went to visit that family when I get there  two families were living in the same yard i met seven person there and I share the gospel with them and all seven of them give there life to Jesus Chris.

Then we went in the pamaroon wini and baramane rivers and do followup and I met with lots and lots of people who give there life to Jesus Chris at our celebration crusades earlier and say that they are serving God our library's sermons on CD kristy bible study  and messengers from intouch have bin helping them to grow spirituality. 

Thanks for all of you who pray and sapport our ministry in different ways God is doing great things in guyana. Too God bee the glory great things he has done 

Bless jai

May trip report

Dear Guyana Friends,

Our trip was a wonderful mixture of ministering to children and prisoners and each opportunity seemed like our favorite until we experienced the next. By the end, none of us could choose what was the most special moment as we saw God bless everywhere we went. 

We did music and puppet shows telling Bible stories and application at an orphanage, two churches and two girls' homes. Each place we had a wonderful time connecting with the children. May God's truths be hidden in their hearts. Mahaica Girls Home is the one we went to last summer and our Guyanese team now goes back there twice a month to minister. One thing they do is encourage scripture memory and have a special verse on each visit. If the girls have learned it well, they get a prize. It was a thrill to me to see girl after girl, all ages, get up and hold the mike and say their verse. Those truths will be hidden in their hearts forever, no matter what they face in life.

On Sunday afternoon, Carolyn taught a puppet seminar to 7 children's teachers who are very excited about using what they learned to make their stories come to life. They said that when they have practiced a little, they want to send a a video of how they are using what they learned. 

Greta delivered her powerful testimony in the women's and men's prisons and at both had inmates come up to her to express how much of a blessing it had been to them as they saw in her that you can still have peace and hope when HARD things happen in life.

The dedication of the chapel at the New Amsterdam Prison was more special than we had imagined. The chapel holds about 100 and the prison officials were not only present but spoke to men and women prisoners who were in attendance. There was also media there. The director of prisons in Guyana (the highest ranking official) stood and gave his testimony and thanked our ministry for building the chapel which will also be used for educational classes and anger management classes. He gave a heartfelt thank you as did the Officer in Charge of this prison. We are so very thankful for the great relationship we have with the prisons in Guyana and now they allow us access whenever we are able to serve. Our Guyanese team ministers to this location, men and women, twice a month as it is the only one that is near where our team lives.

The last photo you saw was taken after the crate arrived and Jai went back to deliver a special blessing to the Boxing Club. When the Camp Street Prison burned, all the gloves burned up and that was almost a year ago. We were asked if our ministry could bless them with some new gloves so we sent four pair of gloves. There were some very happy boxers when Jai delivered them.

Another unusual thing happened which was a first for us. We were in an accident after we had traveled back to Georgetown. Praise God it was just a fender bender but God ended up using it for his good. The man who backed into us (ignoring a very long warning honk) on a small dirt road jumped our throwing accusations amidst curse words and soon we realized that he was very drunk. The police had to put him in jail for the night as he blew a very high number on the breathalyzer. The officer told Jai to come back at 9:00am to give his statement. We were praying that the matter could be settled before we left on Monday because it is expensive for Jai to travel from where he lives in Berbice back to Georgetown. On Sunday morning, we were having breakfast at the hotel which was very close to the accident sight and the man appeared, all sobered up. He came in to our team and apologized and asked for forgiveness. Of course we forgave him and he and Jai were off to sign papers and go to his house to get the money to pay for the damage to our van. While there, the man's wife who is a Christian asked Jai to pray for them as the drinking had gotten out of hand and was even threatening the man's tire business. Jai prayed for them and I am sure that is not the end of that story. Before we knew about his wife being a Christian, we had invited the man, Sonno (please pray for him) to go to church with us but he said I will go with my wife today. We also found out what a God of details we serve. The pastor of the church where we were going and have served at his church several times, Swan Elim, used to be a drinking buddy of Sonno before he was saved. We could not have been able to make that up. What a mighty God we serve!!!!

Thank you for all your prayers. By the way, the best news of all, six women prayed to receive Christ the day we visited the women's prison. Your prayers are a vital part of this ministry. 

We are somewhat short on the funds for the June village trip. Each month the trips cost about $3500 because of all the distant travel. Would you consider giving a love gift so our team can go again to reach those who need to hear the good news of the gospel? If so, make the check to International Celebration Assn and mail to me at 8333 Providence Rd. Charlotte, NC 28277.


May Trip Itinerary

2018 May Trip Itinerary

TUESDAY- May 8—Please pray for our travel day. Greta and I will come from Charlotte and Carolyn will come from NY and meet in Miami. We will then travel from Miami to Georgetown, Guyana. Pray for safe travel, no problems with luggage or flight delays. We will stay near the airport the first night after arriving late.

WEDNESDAY- May 9—Today we will travel several hours to Berbice where Jai lives and settle in at his home. We will build the puppet stage for Carolyn as she has sent Jai the lengths of PVC pipe and the connectors that she will need to set up her puppet stage. In the afternoon we will go to an orphanage and spend time with the children. We will do fun songs, have a Bible story with puppets by Carolyn and play some games. Please pray especially for Carolyn as she teaches truths from the Bible.

THURSDAY-May 10—In the morning, we will visit the Women’s Prison in New Amsterdam. There will be music and Greta will give her testimony.  Please pray that the women’s hearts will be tender when hearing Greta’s story and that they may learn anew or be reminded that we can go through very hard things and still praise, worship and serve our Good Father with joy.  There will be a chance for counseling with the women who request it.

At 4:00 we will have a children’s event at a nearby church when school is out. There will be music and puppet ministry.

FRIDAY—May 11—This is a very special morning that absolutely thrills my soul. We will go to the Men’s Prison at New Amsterdam and have a very special service. This is the prison where we were asked to build a chapel. Last summer, the large prison in Georgetown burned to the ground and a lot of the inmates were moved to New Amsterdam Prison so it is very crowded. The room where we have had our services in the past is now used as a dorm so our Guyanese team has been doing their services outside. The prison officials asked our ministry if we could build a chapel for them. We put out the plea and many of you helped us with this project. We bought the materials and the prisoners did the labor. It is now complete and this morning, we will have the official dedication of the new chapel/Christian library. What a thrill! We will have music, Greta will share her testimony and either Jai or Dave will preach. Please pray for an outpouring of the Holy Spirit and for many changed lives; salvations and growth for those who have already accepted Jesus.

In the afternoon, we will go to New Life Christian Center for a children’s event. Please pray for open hearts as we interact with these children.

SATURDAY—May 12—In the morning we will go to Mahaica Girls’ Home where our Guyanese team goes weekly. We will have a children’s service with music and a puppet Bible message. I can’t wait to be back at this girls’ home that touched our hearts so greatly this summer.

Between our morning and afternoon events, we will go to Georgetown for a little touring and shopping.

In the afternoon, we will go to Hararuni where Carolyn will teach some of the children’s teachers how to use puppets effectively in their teaching. Last summer, two of the ladies approached us and said they had been praying for puppets and the ability to use them to improve their effectiveness in their lessons. God heard their prayer, we sent puppets and now have Carolyn who is a specialist in this area to teach them. We will also have a service with the children at Hararuni. Please pray for these ladies to learn a lot about puppetry.

SUNDAY—May 13—This morning we will worship with the congregation at Swan Elim where we have been several times and feel like we are family there. Pray for the service and for the power of the Holy Spirit to teach all of us that day. Dave will be preaching.

In the afternoon, we will have a children’s service with the children of this community. May God open their eyes to learn something new and draw them closer to Himself.

That night, we will need to get to bed early as our flight the next morning is at 5:30 am and we have to be at the airport two hours early.

MONDAY—May 14—Please pray for easy travel and that we will get many opportunities when we get home to share the good news of what happened in Guyana. Telling about our trip can open many doors of opportunity for us to share Christ when we get home. I pray for boldness for those opportunities. 



April Trip Report

Hay ministry friends greetings in the name of our Lord and savior Jesus Chris We get back last night from our long trip this is a trip we will never forget 

At the first village we had 2 nights of celebration crusade and the turnout was over 250 with a paperlation of about 290 137 people give there life to Jesus Chris 

Then from there we move on to the big gospel fess where we expect about 700 people but thank God they was over 1000 people was there at the fess 208 people give there life to Jesus Chris 

We left Sunday morning to go to the next village on our way we stop at a place to buy gas and a young man when he sees our truck passing he ride his bike and come reach us at the shop and said to me back in February we was at there village and I preach about fornication and he and his girlfriend was living in fornication they both give there life to Jesus Chris and want us come back to marry them

When we get to the next village Sunday morning the people there was waiting for us to do the morning service we also do 2 nights of celebration crusade the turnout was over 300 142 people give there life to Jesus Chris the people in that village call us the three Hebrew boys 

Thursday morning we move on to the third village that same night we had a heavy rain and just about 45 people come to our celebration crusade 14 people give there life to Jesus Chris the second night the rain stop and over 200 people come to our celebration crusade 72 people give there life to Jesus Chris 

I thank you for your prayers and support the harvest is ripe and ready and I thank God for the big harvest we had this pass week 

Bless jai 

March/April Request

Hay ministry friends greetings in the name of our Lord and savior Jesus Chris 


We are leaving this evening for another trip to the region 9 savanna this trip will be a very special one for us we will get to the first village by 12pm Thursday to do 2 nights of celebration crusade and a good Friday morning service,

On Saturday 31st they will be a big gospel fess where they expect over 700 people from all over region 9 savanna and people from Brazil also and we are invited to sing and preach at the gospel fess,

Then we will move on to 2 other villages and do 4 night of celebration crusade please pray for us as we travel on trails road and rivers and pray for a harvest of sols for God kingdom 

Bless jai 



Dear Ministry Friends,

I have two requests. 

1. We are in need of children's books for our libraries. The two libraries that we set up have no children's books and when they come in, Jai will add them to the shelves. Please email me if you have books and we will arrange a meeting place or a pick up.

2. The New Amsterdam Prison that is near where our team lives and where they go three out of four Tuesdays every month is very over-crowded because of the prisoners that were transferred there after the fire at the big prison in Georgetown. The room where we have always had our services is now housing inmates. The number of inmates has almost doubled and the good thing about that is that more prisoners have the chance to get good teaching very regularly. However, they are having to meet outside for lack of a building and the prison has asked our ministry if we could build a chapel. We are delighted to have this opportunity. The materials will cost $4,000 and there will be NO labor cost as the prisoners will build it. When completed, there will be a dedication service at which our ministry will be honored. That is glory to God and another level of connection with the government so we can continue to have access to get in and evangelize. What a blessing. We are trusting that the funds will come in.

Would you please pray about being a part of this opportunity? If you feel led to give, please make the checks out to International Celebration Assn and mail it to me, 

Beth Puckett

8333 Providence Rd.

Charlotte, NC 28277


Thank you so much. To God be the glory!