Prayer Request For This Week

Hay ministry friends greeting in the name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ As you know Emily is in Guyana and this morning we are going to the newanserdam women prison to have a good Friday service them tomorrow we going to the mahaica girls home and Sunday to the NOC then Sunday afternoon I'll drop of my wife and Emily at the harraruni girls home they will spend 3 nights there with the girls there me and Wayne will be going to 2 villages and do 4 nights of celebration crusade please pray for us as we travel for safety and for a harvest of souls 

Report on March Women's Ministry Trip

Megan and Jeanne’s trip to do women’s ministry was amazing. 

 When they arrived, they were able to see the new replacement truck that we successfully raised enough money to buy. Thank all of you who donated for this much-needed vehicle. They tricked me on April Fools’ Day by texting that they were  all okay but that they had been in an accident and the new truck had been totaled. Thank goodness only about a minute or two passed before they FaceTimed me to all laugh and say April Fools’.

 Many of you prayed for Jeanne’s voice on the last night of ministry while they were in the village of Laluni. Her voice strengthened just in time for her teaching and then got worse afterward. That was because of all our prayers. However, in that service, there was another problem that seemed like there couldn’t have been any effective results. Of course, in these little villages, there are no nurseries and mothers have to bring their children. A few young children became huge distractions during the teaching by playing with balloons. The moms didn’t do anything and after a while, Jeanne had to stop and pray for God to take care of the distractions. There was a noticeable change in the atmosphere. Jeanne thought that it would be a miracle if any lady responded to the invitation to trust Christ but God had a plan and provided that miracle. One lady in the very back indicated that she understood the Gospel message that Jeanne had shared and trusted Jesus. Praise God.

 The two-day ministry in the Women’s Prison at New Amsterdam was a wonderful success and encouragement to many women. Nineteen of them accepted Christ as their Savior. One of those who had her sins forgiven was an amazing redemption story. She was a Muslim whose father was an imam. She is in prison for being complicit in the murder of her daughter. It is so overwhelming to know that God can forgive even the most heinous of crimes.

 The two-day ministry at Mahaica, the girls’ home, was very heartbreaking and God ordained. The first day the girls were quiet and withdrawn. The second day, they opened up and many of them privately shared heart-wrenching stories of their lives. Jeanne and Megan were able to pray with them and encourage them. Megan taught a few of them how to play the ukulele and left two instruments there for them to keep practicing on. There were 17 of these girls who accepted Christ. One of the saddest stories there was an 11 year-old girl who had her baby there with her. Most of these girls have been abused. Please pray for them as our Guyanese team continues to go and reach out to them twice a month. Many of these girls are new at the home and are just learning about how to have a life in Christ.

 Thank you all for your prayers.


Second March Trip Request from Megan

Hey Folks,

I 'd like to ask you to bathe this next week in prayer.  Jeanne and I are heading down to Guyana for a week of women's ministry.  We will be sharing the Gospel in a few difficult places.  She will speak; I will lead music.  

Here are some specific prayer points:

  • Pray for travel mercies as we fly to and travel through Guyana.

  • Pray that God will soften hearts and prepare each woman and girl with whom we have the opportunity to share the love of Christ.

  • Pray God's message will be clear to each person who hears it.

  • Pray for planned and unplanned opportunities to be the hands and feet of Christ.

  • The girls in the girls' home have been through some really tough situations (rape, incest, abuse, abandonment, etc).  Pray that we can bring comfort and encouragement to those who need it the most. 

  • Most of all pray that God will be glorified in all that we do and say.

Here is our itinerary:

Tuesday, 3/26 - CLT to MIA 1:35-3:34 pm

                             MIA to GEO 6:50 – 11:09 pm

Wednesday, 3/27 – New Amsterdam Women’s Prison

Thursday, 3/28 – New Amsterdam Women’s Prison

Friday, 3/29 – Women’s Ministry at Fyrish Bible Church

Saturday, 3/30 – Mahaica Girls’ Home (this is a home for abused and abandoned girls)

Sunday, 3/31 – Mahaica Girls’ Home

Monday, 4/1 – Women’s Ministry at Laluni Village Church (on the trail)

Tuesday, 4/2 – Women’s Ministry at Laluni Village Church – to finish at 7 pm

                             Arrive at Airport 8:30 pm after an afternoon of ministry.

Wednesday, 4/3 – GEO to MIA 12:09 am – 5:04 am

                                   MIA to CLT 8:30 am – 10:37 am 

    Thank you for being my prayer warriors while we enter the battlefield.  I'm so excited to have this opportunity to be used by God!

In Christ,


Amazing March Trip Report

Good morning ministry friends greetings in the name of our Lord and savior Jesus Chris it is a beautiful Rainey morning here in guyana 

We get back yesterday from our trip it was a great trip thank you for praying for us the first village we went to it was on top of the paramakatai mountain witch is 6500 FT above sea level it was so cold that we could not sleep in the night we sleep in the day when it more worm it was below 40 degrees 2 nights of celebration crusade there and the turnout was over 200 people and 107 give there life to Jesus Chris

Then we move to a place called bamboo Creek witch is on the other side of the mountain witch was half way below the mountain so it was not that cold it was about 60 we do 2 nights and Sunday and Monday morning celebration crusade there and the turnout was over 450 people 231 give there life to Jesus Chris 

We move from there to a next village call hill feet thats right down to the bottom of the mountain witch was still cold it was like below 60 we do 2 nights of celebration crusade and the turnout was over 300 people and 185 give there life to Jesus Chris 

This was the first time we gone to that region and the people there are hungry for the gospel there are still lots of villages in that region who need to hear the gospel thank you for your prayers and support with out you this trip could not be possible 


(This is the trip where they had to fly to reach these villages.) 

March Trip Prayer Request

Hay ministry friends greetings in the name of our Lord and savior Jesus 

For the past 12 years we bin travel all over guyana on rivers Creek and trails there are places where we can not go by boat or vehicle so we charter a trilander plane that can carry 2500 pounds and we are leaving tomorrow morning to paramakatai mountain where the plane will land on the top of the mountain 

We will be going to three villages and do six nights of celebration crusade please pray for us as we go and share Jesus Chris with the loss pray also for a safe landing it can be dangerous if the grass strip wet for the plane to land also pray for a harvest of sols for God kingdom 


February Trip Report

Hay ministry friends greetings in the name of our Lord and savior Jesus Chris 

Thank you for praying for us during the week of ministry to the villages it was a great trip we went to 3 villages and do six nights of celebration crusade and three days children ministry165 person give there life to Jesus Chris we also went to the hararuni girls home and do ministry there

thanks to the buttels for being with us for  the week kristi buttles share her testimony in the three villages and it was a blessing Bruce buttles also don a wonderful job with the children telling the story about the three Hebrew boys 

While at the second village a young man who was a drugs dealer  name quami come with a high malaria fever and was sweating and he come for us to pray for him I was cooking so Bruce and Wayne pray for him and he got heel right there he come back that same night and give his life to Jesus Chris the next morning before we leave he come back for counceling 

Thanks for your prayers and support great thing are happening in guyana 


February Prayer Request

Hey ministry friends greetings in the name of our Lord and savior Jesus

This evening the buttles are coming to guyana to join us as we go to our February mission trip we will go to 3 villages and do six nights of celebration crusade we also will do children ministry. We will distribute stuff animal and balls to the children please pray for us as we travel and for many sols come to know the Lord as there savior


January Prayer Request

Dear Friends,

I heard from Jai this morning and he had just come from the prison. What a thrill that the officials trust him to help with the inmates. The officer in charge had called him to come and counsel an 21 year old man, Jonah, who had just had his trial and gotten life for murder. He was drunk and killed two people who were walking on the road. Then his car crashed into another car where one person was killed and the other two are in the hospital. The young man entered a guilty plea and knows how wrong he was. Today, Jai talked to him about what to expect prison to be like and about life in general. He spent a few hours with him. Tomorrow he will go back for another few hours and begin to share Christ with him, explaining the gospel and how he can have new life in Christ and be forgiven. He is in the prison where our team does ministry every other Tuesday so Jai will be able to continue to minister to him. Please pray for wisdom for Jai and for Jonah’s spiritual eyes to be opened and for him to eventually accept Jesus and serve him all his days even though he will be incarcerated. Also, please pray for the two people who are still in the hospital and for the families of those who were killed.

On Wednesday, our Guyanese team will leave on their monthly village trip where they will go to three villages. On Friday and Saturday, Jai has been asked to preach at a revival that will be in a large village. Please pray for many to understand the truth of the gospel and accept Christ.

Thank you for your prayers and love for Guyana.

December Report--Amazing!!

Hay ministry friends greetings in the name of our Lord and savior Jesus Chris 

We completed all our ministry in the prisons and the girls home and NOC thank you all for praying for us it was great going and share the birth of Jesus Chris christmas carols and about his birth.  85 person give there life to Jesus Chris at the prisons girls home and NOC 

There are a Hindu lady  at the new amsterdam female prison have 94 years for murder her daughter said all the time we was coming to the prison and do service she was listening from her cell and she was touch by me and Tracy testimony and also the sermons from the different pastors that go with us she also said she want to serve that Jesus we are talking about and she wants to serve him the rest of her life 

We also give the prisoners time to share what God has don for them true our ministry and over 125 prisoners  stand up and said that they they trust Jesus Chris as there savior and was baptized by our ministry and they are serving God faithfully they also thank us for the bibles and Kristi bible study and the boxing gloves we give to the new amsterdam prison 

I want to thank you for your prayers and support towards our ministry 2018 was a great year and we look forward for a greater 2019 this can be possible true your prayers and support so I'm asking you to continue to  prayers and support our ministry as we continue to reach guyana for Jesus Chris 

Thank you once again and have a blessed christmas 


December Prayer Request

Hay ministry friends greetings and merry Christmas to you from the celebration of love team in guyana 

Starting from tomorrow we are starting christmas concert in all the prison and the girls home and NOC 

We are leaving in the morning for the girls home and travel to the NOC from there then on the 11th and 12th we go to the new amsterdam male and female prison on the 13th we go to the lusignan 2 prison on the 15th we go to the timehri and camp street Prison on the 18th we go to the Mazaruni 2 prison on the 19th we are partner the new amsterdam prison where we will have a Christmas tree lighting at the new amsterdam prison where we will have prisoners wife and children come so that the prisoners can spend some time with there families then on the 22nd we have a market concert then in between those days we have some small program 

Please pray for all these ministry and for a harvest of sols

Thanks Jai  

November Trip Report

Good Morning Ministry Friends,

Below is a story that Jai sent from the three-village trip they just took. They spent two nights at each village and there was a total of 152 salvations. Praise God!!!

 There is a Hindu family of 6 that moved from one of the towns and are now living in the second village that we went to they was living next door where we was doing our celebration crusade we invite them for the celebration and they said they will listen from there home we do 2 nights of celebration crusade and we move early to the next village that same morning those people went to the pastor for the village and said that on the second night when I was leading some people the sinners pray there hold family give there life to Jesus Christ

 We are so thankful that God continues to draw people to Himself even if they don’t come to the services. It will be thrilling to get reports of how this family becomes an active part of the Body of Christ. Please pray for these new 152 brothers and sisters who will now start their journey of faith.



Great Report from the Prison

Hay ministry friends greetings in the name of our Lord and savior Jesus Chris 
Here is some great news from the newanserdam prison this morning we had service at both male and female prison 11 male and 3 female give there life to Jesus Chris 
We also had a baptizem this morning 7 male and 4 female was baptized 
Thank you all for your prayers and support towards our ministry here in guyana 
God Bless you 

October Trip Report

Hay ministry friends greetings in the name of our Lord and savior Jesus 

As you know we went to another mission trip to the jungle and we just got back last night it was a great trip we had 5 nights of celebration crusade in 2 villages and 224 person give there life to Jesus Chris it was very large villages and the turnout was great we could not get to the third village Beacause the river water was very low.

Earlyer this year I led a father and son to Jesus Chris at the new amserdam prison  and they ask me to go and share the gospel with there families it happen that  that family is from that same river so we went to that home and when we get there they was 7 person there and they all give there life to Jesus Chris I can't wait to tell that father and son the good news.

Thank you all for praying for us and for your support with our you these trips could not bee posable 

God Bless you 


Report from September Border Trip

Hay ministry friends greetings in the name of our Lord and savior Jesus Chris 

We get back last night from our trip to the guyana venezuela border where we take food and cloth and other things for the Guyanese venezuelan that are in the border we distribute stuff that we take and do 2 nights of celebration crusade my self and Dave preach and we had some one to interpit and 128 person give there life to Jesus Chris We also had the soldiers that are guarding the border come and help us with the distribution 

 Then we went to almond beach where they have 15 families with about 55 population living there the youths was not in the village they gon out to high school so we do 2 nights of celebration crusade and 36 person come and they all give there life to Jesus Chris 

 Then we move to winey river where we already went last year and we do 2 days of youth rally and in the night we do decipleship service and 14 person give there life to Jesus Chris and 5 were Baptized 

 Thanks to all of you who pray and give to make this possible 

 God bless  



September trip prayer request

Hay ministry friends greeting in the name of our Lord and savior Jesus Christ we are leaving this morning to go to the girls home and tomorrow we go to the NOC Monday morning we are leaving to the border where we are taking foodstuffs clothes and many other things for the Venezuelan we will also do 2 nights of celebration crusade there at a village call white water where we expect a big turnout then we move on to a place call shell beach have 22 families and we will do 2 nights of celebration crusade there to winie river mouth to a village where we went already and do 2 days of youths rally and celebration crusade in the night 

Please pray for us as we travel for safety and for a harvest of souls 



Report from the Venezuela/Guyana Border

Hay ministry friends greetings in the name of our Lord and savior Jesus Chris 

We get back on Friday from our trip to the guyana venezuelan border where Guyanese that left guyana years ago and go to venezuelan now there are coming back to guyana and have no were to go and food to eat 

We went and distribute foodstuffs cloth footwear toothbrush toothpaste and many other things we also share the gospel with them and 52 person give there life to Jesus Chris 

We are going back there next month there is a lots more people are coming over 

Thanks to all of you who pray for us and give towards this 


July Trip Report

2018 July Trip Report

Praise God for the wonderful harvest that was brought in the two weeks we were in Guyana. Thank all of you who prayed for us. We are always amazed by the opportunities that are put before us. Our Guyanese team does a wonderful job of making plans and organizing the two weeks of ministry.

Both weeks, our travel to Guyana was uneventful and very smooth. Neither of our returns were smooth. The first week, they were a few hours late arriving back in Charlotte and the second week team had quite an adventure coming home. Last Sunday at 8:00pm was when we were supposed to arrive back in Charlotte. That was when the very heavy thunderstorm hit right at the airport so we were diverted to Columbia, SC. We waited a good while for the storm to pass and as we sat, other planes that had been diverted were sitting beside us. The pilot finally told us that one of those planes was an international flight whose crew had timed out. Therefore, since they had to go back to Charlotte to be able to go through customs, they moved our crew over to their plane and that left us without a flight crew. After another long wait, they gave the people on our plane the option of getting off so Steve rented two cars and the ten of us left the plane on the stairs that they brought onto the runway and we took a bus to the terminal. We drove from Columbia to Charlotte and finally got home about midnight. We were told that if we had stayed on the plane, it would have been after 3:00 am before we were home so we were glad for our choice even though we had to make the trip back to Columbia the next afternoon to turn the cars back in.

We always say that being flexible is the first rule of going on a mission trip. I was so proud of our team for having a great attitude throughout the inconvenient process.

Now for the fantastic news…….. The results for the two weeks were amazing. We had 397 salvations. In the prisons we had 209 inmates pray with us one on one as we washed their feet. We heard many stories of how some of these men are even glad they were in the prison so they could hear the good news of the gospel. One man asked Allen if he could wash his feet and that was a very tender sight. In one prison, as soon as we got there, some men rushed up to us and asked if we were going to be baptizing because they had accepted Christ in prison on other occasions and wanted to take the next step of baptism. We baptized 124 prisoners in five prisons. Instead of baptizing in the kiddy swimming pool like before, we are using a 55-gallon drum so the men can be fully immersed. To see their faces when they come out of that water is a sight our team will never forget. Jon Freeman baptized one of the men he established a relationship with as he led him to Christ and helped him understand how he could be free even though he is behind bars.  Another inmate who had talked with Allen requested that he be the one to baptize him. 

The other very special thing that happened in the prisons was that we were able to identify a number of prisoners who are Christian leaders in the prisons. We are going to find a way to help these leaders learn and grow so they can help the men learn and grow. I washed the feet of a man who had been in the fire last summer when the Camp Street Prison burned down. He and 2 other men were trapped in a cell. They kicked the wall in and were able to get out and escape. He was moved to another prison where one of these Christian leaders is housed. The man said that he realized that Jesus saved him and was led to faith in Christ by this inmate/leader.

Moving on to the children’s ministry, we went to five different churches, mostly small and very, very crowded. We had a great time with music, Bible stories and with the time that we washed their feet and talked to them. Many parents had come with their children and that led to wonderful life-changing decisions by many adults. There were 186 people who accepted Christ in these events and about a fourth of them were adults. What a thrill to have children and parents accept Christ on the same day so they can all grow together.

One employee at our hotel accepted Christ and an employee at the pizza restaurant also prayed and accepted Jesus. I am thankful for team members who are ready at every turn to share the good news.

Each team member experienced special moments that will be memories forever and interacted with people who are impressed on our hearts. We all pray that God will continue to make Himself known in Guyana. May this country of less than 800,000 continue to be flooded with the Gospel of Christ and may the Great Commission be reached, that every Guyanese hear the truth of how he or she can have a personal, life changing relationship with Jesus Christ.

Thank you so much for praying for our trip and please continue to pray for our Guyanese team as they monthly take the good news to the remote villages all over this country.