September Report

Hay ministry friends greating in the name of our Lord and savior Jesus Chris 

Thank for your prayers as you know we went to a trip and just get back we have some breakdown on the trail with our vehicle's but we fix it an go again I can't wait  to give you the good news we went in the rupunune savanna for the first time thats in regon 9 and there are over 75 villages in that savanna and the harvest there is ripe and ready we went to 3 villages and do 6 nights of celebration crusade 211 person give there life to Jesus Chris one of the week have lots of people did not speak English they have there own indigenous language  but God have made it possible for them to understand the plan of salvation and many of them give there life to Jesus Chris please continue to pray and support us our gold is for the next 2 years to work in that region