November Trip Report

Hay ministry friends greetings in the name of our Lord and savior Jesus Chris

We get back this morning for our trip it was a great trip we had 6 nights of celebration crusade and Sunday morning service and 130 person trust Chris as there savior Sunday morning right after the church service 8 person dat trust Chris as there savior said they want to get Baptist so myself and Dave do a convert class with them and Baptist them in the wine river.

That was our last trip for this year in the jungle and we have one more big event  in December were we do Christmas concert in all the prison and the NOC (juvenile detention center) in  guyana this year we add a girls home and a children's home to our list we not only do  concert along but we buy lots of goodies and took for  the prisoners this year we want to  buy  little gifts for the mahaica girls home and sophia children home so I'm asking you to please supports us so we can get all these for this big event 

God bless you