April Report

hi ministry friends greetings in the name of our lord and savior JESUS CHRIST and thanks for your pray and support

as you no we went to another trip and we just get back it was a trip that very special to me a trip that i will never forget a trip that will go down in my history book we went to three villages and do 5 night of celebration crusade and sunday morning celebration also,

the first village 146 people give there life to JESUS CHRIST.

when we get to the second village we see there was hundreds of venezuelan there the first night crusade we do there we had over 600 people turnout and 233 people give there life to CHRISTthe second nights over 700 people turnout and 155 trust CHRIST as there savior 195 of the those were venezuelan and they come back duran the day for counceling to make sure they understood because their english is limited there was some one there to interpet this time ,

this was very special to me it was my dream come true i was in the middle of a field preachingand hundreds of people around me God allowed me to see his spirit drawing so many to trust him as they came from all around and give there life to JESUS CHRIST.           

then we went to the third village it was a small village with about 170 people and we do a sunday morning and sunday night celebration crusade there and 68 people trust CHRIST as there savior, 

where we are headed on our next trip in d jungle we cannot go back  true the rivers and creek beacause of dry weather so next month we will travel around d ocean by ferry and it will take us about 36 hours to get there and back it will be a 2 week trip,

plesae pray for us and these 2 weeks trip it going to bee very ruff for us in the ocean and i am asking you to contonue support us so that we can reach the lost for god kingdom

thanks anain for your pray and support