June Request

hay ministry friends greetings in the name of our lord and savior jesus Christ 

thank you all for praying for me during the time I was morning the lost of my nephew it was a sad time for us he was just 29 year old, this morning I went to the hospital to visit another relative, a cousin, who I led to Christ 2 years ago at his mom funeral  he is 41 years old I tink and he is very sick and may not make it please pray for him that god will have his way, 

we are leave tomorrow morning early for another trip to the Guyana and surname jungle we will going to 3 villages 1 in the surname jungle and 2 on the Guyana side it just a river separate these villages we will do 6 nights of celebration crusade in the 3 villages pray for our safety we will bee on the boat for 12 to 14 hours pray also for a harvest of sols,

and if my relative died I will have to cut short our trip to come back to do the funeral just pray that god will have his way in every thing,