March Request

Dear Ministry Friends,

This Sunday, March 4, five of us will be going to Guyana to serve in two villages along with our Guyanese team. Wesley Caldwell who is the manager of the Lifeway Store here in Charlotte will go and help us set up two libraries. His desire is to help our ministry in any way possible. Jeanne McNichols will go to teach a women's Bible studies each morning, Megan Tuttle will do our music (and general craziness, haha). Steve and I will be there to do whatever needs to be done.

SUNDAY--We have a 6:00am flight so we will be at the airport VERY EARLY. We arrive in Guyana about 10:00pm. We will stay at a hotel a little less than an hour from the airport.

MONDAY--We will leave early to travel to our first village on the Pameroon River. Please pray for safety on the roads and river. When we arrive we will have our first event; Megan will sing, Jeanne will teach the women and the men will cook our lunch over a fire. When the children come home from school, we will play games with them and just make friends. After dinner, we will have our first CELEBRATION SERVICE. Please pray for the women's Bible study and for the Celebration that God will draw people to Himself either for salvation or for growth. After the counseling is complete following the Celebration, we will sleep on blow up mattresses on the floor of the church where we will be for two night.

TUESDAY--Jeanne will get to start her teaching earlier since we will already by in the village. The men will start constructing the library shelves. After the Bible study, we will set up the library, give out reading glasses to whoever needs them and rest a little after lunch. Then we will have another playtime when the children get out of school and have another CELEBRATION SERVICE. 

WEDNESDAY & THURSDAY--We will travel to our second village and do the same schedule as at the first village. The only difference is that this village is a 15 minute boat ride away from a town so we will stay in a hotel to sleep. We will be in the village both days all day, however. We will leave sermons for the villages to use in worship services using their generator as well as the Christian libraries.

FRIDAY--We will travel back on the river and roads to Georgetown, do a little souvenir shopping, see a few sights and have a nice lunch. Steve and Jai and I are hoping to be able to have a meeting with a relatively large church in Georgetown to see how we might partner. Please pray that this meeting will happen. We will try to have an early night of it since we will have to get up at 3:00am to make it to the airport for our 5:35am flight. 

Another update for you...I told you that Jai and Dave and Wayne are now able to go to the prisons (one male and one female)  close to where they live every other Tuesday. Since we will be on the above trip on the assigned Tuesday, they went yesterday instead. There were 6 women and 3 men who trusted Christ yesterday. Jai said there were lots of smiles and tears. The great thing is that we know all these new converts will be discipled as our team gets to go bi-monthly. Praise God for this new opportunity.

Blessings to you all,