Report on March Women's Ministry Trip

Megan and Jeanne’s trip to do women’s ministry was amazing. 

 When they arrived, they were able to see the new replacement truck that we successfully raised enough money to buy. Thank all of you who donated for this much-needed vehicle. They tricked me on April Fools’ Day by texting that they were  all okay but that they had been in an accident and the new truck had been totaled. Thank goodness only about a minute or two passed before they FaceTimed me to all laugh and say April Fools’.

 Many of you prayed for Jeanne’s voice on the last night of ministry while they were in the village of Laluni. Her voice strengthened just in time for her teaching and then got worse afterward. That was because of all our prayers. However, in that service, there was another problem that seemed like there couldn’t have been any effective results. Of course, in these little villages, there are no nurseries and mothers have to bring their children. A few young children became huge distractions during the teaching by playing with balloons. The moms didn’t do anything and after a while, Jeanne had to stop and pray for God to take care of the distractions. There was a noticeable change in the atmosphere. Jeanne thought that it would be a miracle if any lady responded to the invitation to trust Christ but God had a plan and provided that miracle. One lady in the very back indicated that she understood the Gospel message that Jeanne had shared and trusted Jesus. Praise God.

 The two-day ministry in the Women’s Prison at New Amsterdam was a wonderful success and encouragement to many women. Nineteen of them accepted Christ as their Savior. One of those who had her sins forgiven was an amazing redemption story. She was a Muslim whose father was an imam. She is in prison for being complicit in the murder of her daughter. It is so overwhelming to know that God can forgive even the most heinous of crimes.

 The two-day ministry at Mahaica, the girls’ home, was very heartbreaking and God ordained. The first day the girls were quiet and withdrawn. The second day, they opened up and many of them privately shared heart-wrenching stories of their lives. Jeanne and Megan were able to pray with them and encourage them. Megan taught a few of them how to play the ukulele and left two instruments there for them to keep practicing on. There were 17 of these girls who accepted Christ. One of the saddest stories there was an 11 year-old girl who had her baby there with her. Most of these girls have been abused. Please pray for them as our Guyanese team continues to go and reach out to them twice a month. Many of these girls are new at the home and are just learning about how to have a life in Christ.

 Thank you all for your prayers.