March Report

hi ministry friends greetings in the wonder name of our LORD and SAVIOR JESUS CHRIST,

 as you no we went on a trip to port kaituma and jones town we just get back from what i would call D greatest trip so far for this year i no you was PRAYING for this trip and GOD answer your PRAY we have seen hundreds of sols trust CHRIST as there SAVIOR and also i have face many chalanges from the devil

the first village we went to was a very big village over 11 hundred people and it was a very bad village with lots of drugs and allcohall and bandats we do 2 nights of celebration crusade on a open field the first night the turnout over 400 and 143 people give there life to CHRIST the second night the turnout was close to 500 and 118 people trust CHRIST we also have 6 person that was with demons and get deliver,

then we move to a nother village a small village with about 125 people the first night 37 peopletrust CHRIST as there SAVIOR the second night 29 people trust CHRIST as there SAVIOR we also have 2 person get deliver from demons

we move the next day to a village 1 mile away from jones town most of these people was living in jones town and the place get so demonic that they move out and live outside the jones town the first night celebration crusade we have 130 people trust CHRIST as there SAVIOR then the next day we went in jones town to share the gospel with the few people that lives in jones town 3 family 14 people PRAY and give there life to CHRIST the rest of people that lives there dont want to here any thing about JESUS CHRIST they are talking about lord jones the last night celebration crusade we have there 77 people give there life to CHRIST 5 person was with demon and get deliver most of these people before they get deliver from demon was shouting out for lord jones, 

i want to thank all of you who PRAY and sapport this ministry in guyana am asking you to contenue to PRAY and sapport us so we can reach the end of guyana for JESUS there is a lots of villages around the jones town and we will keep going and preach the GOSPEL until every one here so please contenyou to PRAY and sapport us

thanks again jai