March Request

Hello Ministry Friends, 

Jai and two other men will be leaving Sunday night to travel to the interior and will arrive in time to do a Celebration Service on Monday night. The water in the creeks is high right now so they think the travel will be easier than it is at other times. They first go in the river, then the ocean, then another river and then the creeks.

They will be at the first village, Port Kituma (about 1,000) people, Monday and Tuesday nights. This trip is different than others have been because they will be reaching Jonestown. On Wednesday and Thursday nights they will be at a village about 5 miles from the infamous Jonestown and Friday and Saturday nights they will be at a village 1 mile from there. Jai has heard while visiting in the villages last month that there is a lot of evil in this area so we need extra prayer cover for their safety and for the Holy Spirit to sweep over that region and claim many for himself.

About 6-8 families actually still live on the compound and Jai and his team will go there Friday and Saturday to do house to house visitation and share Christ with the families there. He will invite them to the Celebrations. 

If any of you feel led, would you please gather either as a family or with other ministry friends and pray together for our Guyanese team as they are on the front lines. Steve and I are going to be in Florida so we won't be around to lead a prayer group here in Charlotte.

I can't wait to see what God does to advance His Kingdom.

Blessings on all of you,