February Report

hi ministry friend greetings in the wonderful name of our lord and savior Jesus Christ

we just get back from a nother trip and it was a great trip I no you was praying for us we went to 3 villages close to the jim jones town the first village 125 people trust Christ 97 trust Christ in the second village the third village is a very small village it have less dan a hundred and they have no church there so we do a sunday morning and a sunday night celebration crusade under a big mango tree and 52 people trust Christ as there lord and savior 

the people in the third village dissided to set up a place were there can have church so I give them $300 to start cut wood to set up a small building they still will need another $200 to complete it I also give them bibles and sermons CD AND Christy bible study to make a start when I pass back next month I will thke some more sermon CD and what ever els they need to start the new church

next month we will be about 1 mile away from jim jones town please pray for us I herd its a very evil place but they need to here d gospel so we are going

thank you for your pray and support GOD BLESS YOU


P.S. from Beth--Friends, I will let you know when it is time for our Guyanese team to go near Jonestown so we can be sure to cover them in prayer. We know there will be a major spiritual battle there. Thank you for your continued prayers.