November Trip Report

Good Morning Ministry Friends,

Below is a story that Jai sent from the three-village trip they just took. They spent two nights at each village and there was a total of 152 salvations. Praise God!!!

 There is a Hindu family of 6 that moved from one of the towns and are now living in the second village that we went to they was living next door where we was doing our celebration crusade we invite them for the celebration and they said they will listen from there home we do 2 nights of celebration crusade and we move early to the next village that same morning those people went to the pastor for the village and said that on the second night when I was leading some people the sinners pray there hold family give there life to Jesus Christ

 We are so thankful that God continues to draw people to Himself even if they don’t come to the services. It will be thrilling to get reports of how this family becomes an active part of the Body of Christ. Please pray for these new 152 brothers and sisters who will now start their journey of faith.