December Prayer Request

Hay ministry friends greetings and merry Christmas to you from the celebration of love team in guyana 

Starting from tomorrow we are starting christmas concert in all the prison and the girls home and NOC 

We are leaving in the morning for the girls home and travel to the NOC from there then on the 11th and 12th we go to the new amsterdam male and female prison on the 13th we go to the lusignan 2 prison on the 15th we go to the timehri and camp street Prison on the 18th we go to the Mazaruni 2 prison on the 19th we are partner the new amsterdam prison where we will have a Christmas tree lighting at the new amsterdam prison where we will have prisoners wife and children come so that the prisoners can spend some time with there families then on the 22nd we have a market concert then in between those days we have some small program 

Please pray for all these ministry and for a harvest of sols

Thanks Jai