December Report--Amazing!!

Hay ministry friends greetings in the name of our Lord and savior Jesus Chris 

We completed all our ministry in the prisons and the girls home and NOC thank you all for praying for us it was great going and share the birth of Jesus Chris christmas carols and about his birth.  85 person give there life to Jesus Chris at the prisons girls home and NOC 

There are a Hindu lady  at the new amsterdam female prison have 94 years for murder her daughter said all the time we was coming to the prison and do service she was listening from her cell and she was touch by me and Tracy testimony and also the sermons from the different pastors that go with us she also said she want to serve that Jesus we are talking about and she wants to serve him the rest of her life 

We also give the prisoners time to share what God has don for them true our ministry and over 125 prisoners  stand up and said that they they trust Jesus Chris as there savior and was baptized by our ministry and they are serving God faithfully they also thank us for the bibles and Kristi bible study and the boxing gloves we give to the new amsterdam prison 

I want to thank you for your prayers and support towards our ministry 2018 was a great year and we look forward for a greater 2019 this can be possible true your prayers and support so I'm asking you to continue to  prayers and support our ministry as we continue to reach guyana for Jesus Chris 

Thank you once again and have a blessed christmas