May trip report

Dear Guyana Friends,

Our trip was a wonderful mixture of ministering to children and prisoners and each opportunity seemed like our favorite until we experienced the next. By the end, none of us could choose what was the most special moment as we saw God bless everywhere we went. 

We did music and puppet shows telling Bible stories and application at an orphanage, two churches and two girls' homes. Each place we had a wonderful time connecting with the children. May God's truths be hidden in their hearts. Mahaica Girls Home is the one we went to last summer and our Guyanese team now goes back there twice a month to minister. One thing they do is encourage scripture memory and have a special verse on each visit. If the girls have learned it well, they get a prize. It was a thrill to me to see girl after girl, all ages, get up and hold the mike and say their verse. Those truths will be hidden in their hearts forever, no matter what they face in life.

On Sunday afternoon, Carolyn taught a puppet seminar to 7 children's teachers who are very excited about using what they learned to make their stories come to life. They said that when they have practiced a little, they want to send a a video of how they are using what they learned. 

Greta delivered her powerful testimony in the women's and men's prisons and at both had inmates come up to her to express how much of a blessing it had been to them as they saw in her that you can still have peace and hope when HARD things happen in life.

The dedication of the chapel at the New Amsterdam Prison was more special than we had imagined. The chapel holds about 100 and the prison officials were not only present but spoke to men and women prisoners who were in attendance. There was also media there. The director of prisons in Guyana (the highest ranking official) stood and gave his testimony and thanked our ministry for building the chapel which will also be used for educational classes and anger management classes. He gave a heartfelt thank you as did the Officer in Charge of this prison. We are so very thankful for the great relationship we have with the prisons in Guyana and now they allow us access whenever we are able to serve. Our Guyanese team ministers to this location, men and women, twice a month as it is the only one that is near where our team lives.

The last photo you saw was taken after the crate arrived and Jai went back to deliver a special blessing to the Boxing Club. When the Camp Street Prison burned, all the gloves burned up and that was almost a year ago. We were asked if our ministry could bless them with some new gloves so we sent four pair of gloves. There were some very happy boxers when Jai delivered them.

Another unusual thing happened which was a first for us. We were in an accident after we had traveled back to Georgetown. Praise God it was just a fender bender but God ended up using it for his good. The man who backed into us (ignoring a very long warning honk) on a small dirt road jumped our throwing accusations amidst curse words and soon we realized that he was very drunk. The police had to put him in jail for the night as he blew a very high number on the breathalyzer. The officer told Jai to come back at 9:00am to give his statement. We were praying that the matter could be settled before we left on Monday because it is expensive for Jai to travel from where he lives in Berbice back to Georgetown. On Sunday morning, we were having breakfast at the hotel which was very close to the accident sight and the man appeared, all sobered up. He came in to our team and apologized and asked for forgiveness. Of course we forgave him and he and Jai were off to sign papers and go to his house to get the money to pay for the damage to our van. While there, the man's wife who is a Christian asked Jai to pray for them as the drinking had gotten out of hand and was even threatening the man's tire business. Jai prayed for them and I am sure that is not the end of that story. Before we knew about his wife being a Christian, we had invited the man, Sonno (please pray for him) to go to church with us but he said I will go with my wife today. We also found out what a God of details we serve. The pastor of the church where we were going and have served at his church several times, Swan Elim, used to be a drinking buddy of Sonno before he was saved. We could not have been able to make that up. What a mighty God we serve!!!!

Thank you for all your prayers. By the way, the best news of all, six women prayed to receive Christ the day we visited the women's prison. Your prayers are a vital part of this ministry. 

We are somewhat short on the funds for the June village trip. Each month the trips cost about $3500 because of all the distant travel. Would you consider giving a love gift so our team can go again to reach those who need to hear the good news of the gospel? If so, make the check to International Celebration Assn and mail to me at 8333 Providence Rd. Charlotte, NC 28277.