Early June Trip Report

Hay ministry friends greetings in the name of our Lord and savior Jesus Chris

Beacause of dave and Wayne being sick me and my wife went and do some followup to some places that we went already and take children books to some library's that didn't have any children books.

On Monday we went to the hararuni girls home to drop off some cloth and other things for the girls on our way back we stop at a tire shop for some air for our truck and the owner for that tire shop was the drunk guy that hit our vehicle earlier this month it was a Saturday night he hit our vehicle and the Sundaymorning early he come to the hotel to ask us to forgive him and he will pay for our vehicle we invite him to come to church with us he ask me to go with him to his house to get the money when I get to his house his wife ask me to pray for her husband and his business that are dieing i pray for them and the husband say he will go to church with his family on Monday when I met him at his tire shop he told me that the Sunday he went to church and give his life to Jesus Chris and are serving the true and living God since then he also ask for us to pray for him in spent some time with him praying and conceling him.

There is a father and son at the newanserdam prison i led to christ and they asked me to go and visit there family in Berbice river on Tuesday we went to visit that family when I get there  two families were living in the same yard i met seven person there and I share the gospel with them and all seven of them give there life to Jesus Chris.

Then we went in the pamaroon wini and baramane rivers and do followup and I met with lots and lots of people who give there life to Jesus Chris at our celebration crusades earlier and say that they are serving God our library's sermons on CD kristy bible study  and messengers from intouch have bin helping them to grow spirituality. 

Thanks for all of you who pray and sapport our ministry in different ways God is doing great things in guyana. Too God bee the glory great things he has done 

Bless jai